cPanel Email

Creating an email account is no more complicated than entering a username and password. This most difficulty arises when you need to configure your email client such as Outlook on Windows, Mail on Macs or the mail application on your mobile device.

cPanel provides you with scripts you can download and use with your email client to add your email address. Or they show you the configuration items necessary to add the email manually.

Email forwarding is a simple as entering the email address you want forwarded and address to forward to. Options include:

  • Send it to the domains ‘catch all’ account
  • Forward to a script running on a server that can process the message
  • Discard it altogether

Autoresponder messages allow you to automatically respond to any email with a custom message. Most people use this feature when they are away on vacation or maybe attending a conference. 

Options include setting a time limit on responding when the sender tries to contact you multiple times. You could set this to only respond once in the first 3 days even though you received emails every day from a particular address.

You can also create custom time periods using dates and times for when the message should be sent