cPanel Databases

cPanel provides access to multiple databases. These are applications separate from cPanel just like an email client but they provide access to adding and configuring them. Probably the most popular database for smaller websites is MySQL. There are other databases such as PostgresSQL or for large installations Oracle.

You can see above that you can create a new database or check that it’s functioning properly. Since the server hosts many other accounts on a single instance of the MySQL each database name is prepended with your hosting account name. You can add any name you like after that.

One of the options is to rename the database. Use extreme caution here as this could render your site unusable. WordPress has configuration file that includes the database name along with the username and password. Changing any information in cPanel would still require you to change the files on the server.

All databases require a username and password. You can create one user and give them access to multiple databases. Another thing to consider is that a user can have different privileges on different databases. 

There access in one database may allow them to only view data or update data. In another database the user may be able to create new tables or modify the structure of existing tables.